Budgie - a text templating toolkit for Parrot

Welcome to Project Budgie.

        Everyone's first program is "Hello World."
        Every Perl programmer's second program is his own templating

The goal of Project Budgie is to provide tools for text templating to the Parrot virtual machine. This includes a compatible re-implementation of the popular HTML::Template Perl module.

Following the same bottom-up approach as the Parrot project itself, Budgie focuses first on producing the fundamental lower-level functions on top of which templating engines can be built. This is likely to produce a number of intermediate templating engines that expose these functions as they are being implemented. While primarily intended to serve in boot-strapping the unit tests for the Budgie project, some of those are probably useful in their own right.

The first such Budgie-powered templating system is Budgie::Interpolator, which as the name suggests can do simple interpolations (including interpolating arrays and hashes using Budgie's simple expression language ).

The second step is HtmlBudgie. Its syntax draws heavily on HTML::Template, and it implements many of its features (such as loops and conditionals). It is still very much work in progress, and bugs abound, but the parts that already work, well, they already work.


Thilo Planz


Budgie is Copyright (c) 2005 Thilo Planz. All Rights Reserved.

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